Software Development Kit (SDK)

Prepar3D v5 SDK

Click here to download the Prepar3D v5 SDK tools with examples.

The Prepar3D® v5 SDK is available as a free download to anyone looking to get into developing add-ons or content for Prepar3D® v5.

The Prepar3D v5 SDK is the current version and should be used to develop new content for Prepar3D v5. The SimConnect.lib and LockheedMartin.Prepar3D.SimConnect.dll provided in the SDK cannot be used to connect to FSX, ESP or any previous release of Prepar3D.

To enable the maximum possible level of backwards compatibility, the SimConnect server in Prepar3D v5 is compatible with 32-bit SimConnect executables of previous versions of Prepar3D, FSX (SP2 and above), and ESP. To develop a SimConnect add-on that works with FSX, ESP, and all versions of Prepar3D you would use the SimConnect SDK that was included with FSX. The Prepar3D v5 application is 64-bit and therefore is not backwards compatible with 32-bit DLLs from Prepar3D v3 or older, FSX, and ESP.

Click here to open the online SDK documentation (

The SDK documentation is now accessible via the Learning Center windows help file in any installed version of Prepar3D v5. This windows help file can be found in the help menu of your Prepar3D v5 license, or inside your Prepar3D installation directory.