If you ask Mike Pohl at A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation if he thought it would be possible to deliver a convincing flight simulation using one projector and computer twenty years ago, he would have said, “no way”.

Today, that answer would be very different. The frenzied pace of technology continues to enable us to do things previously thought impossible. Take flight training, for example. Aircrews can now train to operate multi-million dollar aircraft using a device as small as a smartphone, up to a simulator surrounded by a dome that fills an entire room.

A smartphone and a simulator the size of a car are certainly at opposite ends of the spectrum, both in terms of fidelity and cost. To address the gap in the middle, Lockheed Martin and A.C.E.S. – two companies known in the aerospace industry – have partnered to develop a medium-fidelity training capability that is affordable, effective and complimentary to existing programs.

By combining A.C.E.S’ Surround View Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D ® professional training software, professionals who are rehearsing for an assignment can train on a simple-to-operate device with realistic field of view (FOV). With A.C.E.S.’ proprietary lens and geometric image correction software called Omnimap, plus Prepar3D ®, a computer and a projector, trainees can experience a convincing training environment, including an Out the Window image that covers all of the pilot’s horizontal field of view, and capable of Level-D resolution (4.921 ARC/minutes). Using this configuration will bring users a crisp, sharp image, edge to edge, and the above video link demonstrates 6.56 ARC/minutes, with 200 degrees horizontal FOV, 62 degrees vertical FOV and a brightness of 4000 lumens.

A.C.E.S.’ Surround View Flight Simulator is easy to operate, as users turn it on when they want to train, and turn it off when they’re done. And with 4000-hour lifespans, bulbs last years for average training simulation users.

A.C.E.S. is pleased to offer this mid-fidelity training system based on Prepar3D ® for professionals who need an effective, affordable way to prepare for their critical missions.