Prepar3D v6.1 Patch 2 (6.1.10) is now available. If enabled, you will receive a notification when starting Prepar3D to download and install the update. It can also be downloaded immediately from the Downloads section of the Prepar3D website.

Prepar3D v6.1 Patch 2 contains the following updates:

  • Fixed crash that could occur in long distance flights with flight plans when opening the menu.
  • Fixed coordinate conversion bug in DIS exercise region calculation.
  • Updates to DIS documentation concerning EntityTypeID.
  • Added event to enable/disable mixed reality portal drawing.
  • Fixed case where airway route finding could hang the application.
  • Implemented proper heading calc for DME Arc tracking.
  • Can now filter registered ISimobject event input properties from being transmitted in shared cockpit from client “slaved” to “master”
  • Fixed net update in shared cockpit when multiple flight plans are used.


Prepar3D v6 now supports automatic updates. This is enabled by default and checked on startup. If an update is available a prompt will show asking to download. Additionally, the update can be installed automatically after the download is complete. Otherwise, the update file will be available in the Downloads directory on your machine to install at a later time. Installing an update file does not require any additional steps except for having Prepar3D install the update after the download is complete or manually running the update .msp file. There are no longer client/content/scenery packages that need to be uninstalled prior to updating as in previous versions. Additionally, the update file will be available on the Prepar3D Downloads page. Checking for updates can also be done via the About screen.