29 June 2023 Update: Watermark on Prepar3D v6 Personal has been removed.

License Type Update

Beginning with Prepar3D v6, the Academic license will be replaced with a Personal license. A Personal license will expand the user group beyond K-12 academic institutions by allowing use within a licensee’s personal residence. The Personal license will require users to maintain internet connectivity during use. Businesses, militaries and colleges/universities will continue to require a Professional or Professional Plus license. Complete details will be provided in the End User License Agreement (EULA) at the time of the Prepar3D v6 release.

License Price Update

Prepar3D v6 Personal will remain at the same price as the previous Prepar3D Academic versions at $59.95. Prepar3D v6 Professional will cost $350 to purchase while Prepar3D v6 Professional Plus will be $2,750. Developer licenses for Prepar3D v6 Professional and Professional Plus will be $9.99 a month and $50 a month, respectively.

Upon release of Prepar3D v6, all previous versions of Prepar3D will modify their price to match the prices of Prepar3D v6. All Prepar3D v6 Professional Plus developer subscribers will continue paying their current price while their subscription remain active.