Introduce the Flight Sim Labs Concorde, exclusively for Prepar3D v5.

Flight Sim Labs’ objective with the Concorde has been to transport their customers to a golden era of aviation, devoid of electronic flight aids, datalinks and moving map displays. Instead, the experience revolves around copious paperwork and meticulous planning, supporting a three-person flight crew. So, immerse yourself in this bygone era, where precision and preparation were paramount in flying the world’s only supersonic commercial airliner.

Per Flight Sim Labs, the Concorde features brand-new visual models, utilizing cutting-edge PBR texturing and graphics technology to meticulously render the aircraft’s every detail. Every switch, lever and dial has been faithfully modeled based on 3D scans captured from the real aircraft cockpit to allow you to step into the aircraft cabin and take your seat in front of Concorde’s captivating flight information displays. With the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing sight of the ‘Distance To Go’ displays rapidly ticking away as you soar through the skies at an astonishing speed of over 20 miles per minute.

The Flight Sim Labs Concorde isn’t just a simulation; this is a living embodiment of the Concorde legacy, meticulously crafted to surpass anything that has come before. Every rivet, every control surface, every nuance of flight behavior has been scrutinized and fine-tuned to mirror Concorde’s essence with unmatched precision.